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Was Your Money Stolen or Seized by Law Enforcement? We Can Help

As an individual citizen, you may not question the right of a law enforcement officer to seize property if you are under suspicion for an alleged crime. However, all police officers and state patrol are bound by specific laws about how and when they may seize property in the course of a traffic stop or criminal investigation. Sometimes, however, those laws are overlooked.

If your property was taken from you in the course of a traffic stop or arrest, you may have rights to recover the property if it was improperly or illegally obtained from you. Attorney Timothy M. Duffy of the Des Moines law office of Timothy M. Duffy, P.C., has more than 25 years of criminal defense experience in central Iowa. He will explore every option to beat the charges you face and have your seized property returned.

Polk County Attorney for Seized Property Claims

Many law enforcement agents choose to search vehicles or individuals they suspect of engaging in drug crimes or other types of smuggling. The law is very specific on how law enforcement officials obtain evidence, however. Generally, in order to seize property, officers must:

  • Have reasonable cause to search your person
  • Have probable cause to stop you if you are driving
  • Have reasonable suspicion to search your vehicle if you are stopped for an unrelated traffic infraction
  • You voluntarily allow officers to make a search of your vehicle or premises
  • Have a search warrant that specifies their right to a search and seize possible evidence

As your criminal defense lawyer, attorney Duffy will thoroughly examine police reports and other evidence to ensure your rights were respected. If any of the above were not followed or there is an indication of illegal search and seizure, he will take swift action to have such evidence suppressed or dismissed, and your charges dropped.

Return of Seized Property

When your property is taken by law enforcement, you may believe you will never get it back. However, as an experienced criminal defense attorney, Timothy Duffy can help you explore all options to have your property returned, especially in cases where it has been improperly or illegally obtained in the course of an investigation.

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