Don’t Let Your Actions Define The Outcome Of Your Future. Fight Back.

With The Right Representation, It’s Possible To Get Your License Reinstated

In Iowa and all other states, driving is considered a privilege. That privilege can be revoked if you are convicted of driving offenses such as driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs or other moving violations. All of these traffic violations may result in serious penalties, including large fines, higher insurance rates and, most importantly, the suspension of your license.

If your driver’s license was suspended or barred, you may feel helpless and unsure about how to get it reinstated. I can help you fight the charges you face to get your license back. I understand that you need your license to get to work and other places, so I will do what it takes to protect your driving privileges.

Aggressively Fighting For Your Right To Drive

I have more than 40 years of experience in criminal defense. Wherever possible, I will aggressively seek to reduce the charges you face or have them dismissed altogether. If the case against you seems strong, however, I will do what it takes to minimize the penalties you face, including negotiating on your behalf to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Don’t Risk Your Freedom

If you don’t act and hire an attorney experienced with DUIs and license suspensions, you could risk losing your license forever or spending time without your own transportation. Contact Timothy M. Duffy, P.C., today to discuss your driving charges with an experienced Des Moines lawyer for suspended or barred license defense. Call 515-346-6619 or send me a direct message today.