Don’t Let Your Actions Define The Outcome Of Your Future. Fight Back.

Taking Your Theft Charges Seriously

Theft is defined as the unlawful taking of someone else’s property with the intent to deprive the owner of it permanently. From shoplifting or petty theft to armed robbery or burglary, the courts take theft crimes seriously. Aside from paying restitution for the item or items stolen, additional penalties could include possible jail depending on the level or amount stolen, and a permanent mark on your record. This in turn could prevent you from obtaining a job or a loan.

Do not take your theft crime defense lightly. Timothy M. Duffy, P.C., provides experienced criminal defense for those accused of all types of theft crimes. I have over 40 years of experience defending clients throughout Iowa. I will aggressively fight the charges you face and protect your rights, your freedom and your record.

Protecting Your Rights At Every Step

As your criminal defense lawyer, I will pursue every legal option available to protect your rights. I will investigate every aspect of your case, reviewing police reports, witness statements and other evidence to determine if your rights were protected at every step. If there is any indication that your rights were violated during the process of arrest or subsequent police investigation, I will take immediate steps to have your charges dismissed or reduced.

I can handle a wide variety of theft crimes, including:

  • Shoplifting
  • Petty theft/larceny
  • Grand theft/larceny
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Money laundering/fraud and other white collar crimes

If the charges cannot be dismissed, I will seek every option to reach the most favorable plea agreement possible. My goal is to minimize the overall impact your charges may have on your life to protect your immediate and future opportunities.

Don’t Leave Your Future On The Line

Contact my office today to discuss your theft crime defense with an experienced Des Moines theft attorney. Theft charges are serious and can greatly impact the rest of your life. Working with a lawyer experienced in theft crimes can help protect your future. Call 515-346-6619 or send me a direct message.