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Defending Clients Against Detrimental Weapons Violations

The use of weapons is highly regulated in the United States. While everyone has the right to bear arms, many federal and state laws govern the sale and use of firearms and other weapons in order to protect the safety of others. Being charged with a weapons violation can have significant consequences. If you are under investigation for weapons charges or a weapons-related crime, contact my Des Moines firm right away to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

I have more than 40 years of experience defending those accused of serious criminal offenses, including those involving weapons. I understand how the Iowa state gun laws may impact your case and will use a direct and comprehensive approach to building an effective defense.

Strong And Committed Defense To Protect Your Rights

Weapons charges can arise out of a variety of situations. The penalties for many crimes, such as drug crimes or theft crimes, increase if a weapon is present at the time of arrest or discovered through criminal investigation.

I can handle a wide variety of weapons charges and related crimes including:

  • Possessing a firearm without a proper permit or license
  • Carry and conceal violations
  • Armed robbery
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Using a weapon to threaten harm or intimidate others
  • Possessing or using a weapon in the commission of a crime

Many gun crimes and weapons charges are felony offenses, carrying serious penalties such as jail time, fines, probation, the loss of property and the inability to obtain certain types of jobs in the future. As your criminal defense attorney, I will explore every opportunity to have your charges reduced or dismissed, wherever possible. If charges cannot be reduced or dismissed, I will negotiate the best possible plea bargain that minimizes the overall impact on your life.

Defending Your Life And Future

I have the experience and knowledge to diligently and aggressively protect your rights. Get the defense you deserve. Contact my office today at 515-346-6619 or send me a direct message today to get started. Your future depends on it.